IP Portfolio Analysis and Strategy Development

ThinkFire helps technology companies assess their IP portfolios, identifying opportunities and vulnerabilities and developing an execution strategy that delivers maximum returns for their shareholders. ThinkFire assesses the breadth, depth and quality of its client’s IP assets using our proprietary, product-based taxonomy and rating system.

ThinkFire identifies monetization opportunities for redundant or underutilized parts of the portfolio and develops an execution strategy that helps realize maximum value through licensing and brokerage programs.

ThinkFire also identifies areas where its clients are vulnerable to assertion risks and the identities of the most likely asserters. Based upon a careful evaluation of the current and likely future market focus of these potential threats, we help our clients defend their Freedom of Action through targeted patent acquisition and development programs.


ThinkFire developed a powerful IP position to repel attacks for a global technology company entering a new market against two competitors with strong IP positions.

ThinkFire provided the IP roadmap to a large technology company divesting a portion of its business that enabled the divested company to have sufficient IP to run its business while maintaining sufficient IP in the divesting company to maintain a strong and diverse patent portfolio with sufficient assets to maintain its offensive and defensive patent capabilities.