Patent Brokerage

ThinkFire assists patent owners wishing to sell underutilized or redundant parts of their patent portfolios, deploying our integrated capabilities to ensure that our clients realize the maximum value attainable for their assets. Our team of market, technology and legal analysts evaluates the strength and applicability of families of patents to determine the universe of potentially interested buyers and develops, from the perspective of each buyer, a fact-based case justifying their interest and supporting the valuation. In collaboration with our clients, we develop a price target and sales strategy.

Our experienced team of brokers develops compelling, buyer-specific sales packages, contacts the appropriate person at target customers, conducts an efficient and professional sales process and negotiates and closes the transaction. ThinkFire will also represent its clients as buyer’s agents, helping them acquire key patents to solidify their portfolio and enhance their Freedom of Action.


ThinkFire brokered key patents for a major telecom equipment company being pursued by a larger competitor, to enable a counter-assertion against that competitor, ultimately resulting in a patent cross-license between the companies.

ThinkFire identified and brokered key patents to protect a major telecom equipment company from a potential attack by a significantly larger competitor.

ThinkFire divested the non-core IP assets of a global technology company, earning it over $20M in revenues and enabling it to meet its financial targets.