Trademark Licensing

ThinkFire’s Trademark Licensing service presents trademark owners with the opportunity to generate new revenue streams for their marks while concurrently delivering to domestic and offshore manufacturers the opportunity to increase their US market share. ThinkFire does this by researching and identifying US trademark owners whose brands are underutilized and creating partnerships with domestic and offshore manufacturers who can revive, extend and enhance those brands. These licensing arrangements enable the manufacturer to gain entry/traction into the US market, which it might not otherwise achieve.

ThinkFire has been successful in matching strong trademark owners with product families where their brand names are very well recognized and could demand significant price premiums. In our experience, a strong brand can be extended through licensing products outside of the brand owner’s core industry. We continue to achieve great success in matching brands of large Fortune 500 companies with Asian manufacturers of products in completely unrelated industries. Our market research shows that equity of a strong brand resonates very well with consumers even in extended product markets.

The Trademark Licensing team at ThinkFire does all of the research necessary to identify corporate opportunities and bring together trademark owners and manufacturers. Acting as an agent for either the licensor or the licensee, ThinkFire will meet with all the relevant parties, negotiate the licensing arrangements, and manage and administer the process.

We believe that trademarks/brands are the most underexplored area of IP and that they have enormous revenue generation potential for their owners.

The Trademark Licensing Opportunity

ThinkFire’s Trademark Licensing Value Proposition